Tips for kids and schoolbags

Unfortunately schoolbags are not ideal for a child’s spinal health. They contribute to neck, shoulder pain and low back pain and conditions such as scoliosis. Here are some tips on correct schoolbag usage:

  • Ensure that the schoolbag does not exceed 10% of the child’s weight
  • Schoolbag should have wide, padded straps
  • Lift bag with both hands, knees bent, onto a table and then pack or unpack
  • Carry bag around both shoulders
  • A waist strap will help distribute some weight
  • Unpack unnecessary items (water bottles, heavy files)
  • Heaviest items at the bottom and resting against the lower back
  • Choose functionality over fashion
  • Carry extra books in hands
  • Bag should not rest under the bum
In addition to this, sports and correct posture at school desks will contribute to a healthier spine.