How to avoid back pain

  1. Regular exercise, including core muscle exercises
  2. Regular stretching
  3. Correct workplace posture
  4. Avoid high heels
  5. Magnesium and calcium supplements (deficiency leads to cramps, tension and muscle spasm).
  6. Avoid foods that cause high acidity levels in your body (Coffee, alcohol, sugar, refined food, excess meat and dairy products)
  7. Lose excess weight
  8. Sleep on your back and sides (pillow between knees)
  9. Invest in a good sleeping mattress and office chair
  10. Manage stress levels
  11. Regular chiropractic treatments
  12. Don’t overload your backpack or handbag
  13. Be careful of how you lift objects (always bend the knees, not your back)
  14. If you have a baby, invest in a carrier bag and avoid lifting toddlers onto one hip for extended periods of time
  15. Drink enough water (hydrates your discs)
  16. Warm up before any strenuous physical activity